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Welcome to Scan Healthy Home Essentials by EcoLogicX. Locally owned & operated, EcoLogicX is bringing healthy homes to Alaskans by offering air purifiers, water purifiers, toxic free cookware, and other essential housewares. Call Erin at (833) 220-8658 with questions, or book a private home health consultation, or schedule a water filter system installation.
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Waterless, Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Cookware

Ultra -Tech II is a true breakthrough in metallurgy featuring an 18/10 304 surgical stainless steel Alcore base that conducts heat rapidly and distributes it evenly throughout the pan. Our exclusive “ultra seal” allows vapors to condense on the cover and collect in the scientifically engineered water well.

This creates a vacuum that locks in the moisture while basting your foods in their own natural juices. Your foods will look better, taste better and provide greater nutrition for your entire family.

Plus, you’ll cook food in half the time with half the heat saving time and money.

air purifiers

Air Purifiers

Our Medical Grade Deluxe air purification system has 10 stages of filtration. Multi-stage proprietary disinfecting filtration system enables the unit to trap and eliminate potentially harmful ultrafine particles in indoor air – at 40X the effectiveness of a standard high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.

Indoor air quality has great significance as it affects both our health and lifestyle. At EcoLogicX, we are committed to helping people live a longer, healthier life by improving indoor air quality.

Our Exclusive Technology addresses ALL 3 Contaminate Groups

Particulate Matter

Pollen, dust, pet dander, etc.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Gases, chemicals, odors, etc.


Bacteria, mold, fungi, etc.

Two Models to choose from:

Deluxe Purifies 1,100 sq. ft. two times per hour

Compact Purifies 375 sq. ft. two times per hour

water filters

Point of Use Water Purification System

This patented Water Filtration System offers a complete line of advanced filters, for total protection against bacteria and contaminants. For less than 10 cents per water bottle, you can eliminate the dependence on stores or water deliveries and drastically reduce plastic waste. The innovative inline water purification system includes a sub-micron ceramic cartridge and selective multi-stage absorbents for the most effective “point of use” filtration.

Comes in two sizes: 15-inches tall for 2-4 people or 20-inches tall for larger homes. Filters last for two or more years.

Professional installation available, including granite counters. Or it comes with simple DIY instructions.

house water filters

Water treatment & filtering system for home or office.

Breakthrough magnetic field technology adds a softening effect, without the use of salt or electricity. Spotting is reduced, hair becomes silkier – more manageable – and your skin feels softer. Crystal clear water, reduced scaling on pipes and appliances. For less than $10/month, your family or office, can have clean, pure, chlorine free water that keeps the good and healthy minerals. Why wait?

WH 750 (filters 750,000 gallons, 4–6-person household, 4 to 5 years between filter changes) WH 500 (filters 500,000 gallons, 2–4-person household, 4 or 5 years between filter changes)

Professional installation available and local service center. Enjoy the feel of soft water, benefit from keeping the good minerals, and treat you and your family to great tasting, healthy water.


Professional Juice Extractor

Advanced Design & Superior Quality

Our professional juicer is made of high-quality stainless steel and equipped with precision cutting blades. This amount of precision built-in and using advanced technology, ensures a lifetime of dependable service. UL approved and CSA certified.

Juice Extractors strengthen your immune system and improve how you look and feel…even how long you live! Plus - experts agree that many health problems are related to dietary deficiencies.

“The more fruits and vegetables people eat or drink the less likely they are to develop cancer or other serious diseases.” Dr. Greenwald, Director of Cancer Prevention at the National Cancer Institute.


Clean Machine: Steam-Vac-Aroma Therapy

This is an innovative, multi-purpose cleaning machine that’s both a powerful vacuum and steam generator that extracts both solids and liquids at the same time leaving the surface clean and dry. Now you can lighten up you cleaning with one machine. Stop spreading germs and increasing allergies with a mop and vacuum. The Clean Machine also reduces environmental allergies thanks to the advanced water filtration system. Reduce allergies and at the same time clean, sanitize, and dry nearly all your home surfaces such as hardwood floors, tile and grout, upholstery, endless…

80 psi (5 bar) of steam pressure, 318°F (155°C) Dry steam temp, Continuous refill with zero pressure loss

Call ahead and schedule a demonstration.