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Alaska's Largest Ekornes Dealer


Scan Home was founded to bring affordable Scandinavian furniture to Alaskan homes and offices. Over the years this mission has expanded to include affordable contemporary furniture from many sources around the globe. But the basic mission hasn't changed. At Scan Home you will still find contemporary designed furniture, much of which is at moderate prices.


For a quarter century, the Raynor Group has represented quality and customer service in office seating. Founded in 1979, the Raynor Group started as a marketing organization for leading office seating manufacturers. Today, the Raynor Group is responsible for manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution for a select group of office seating products that are manufactured and sold worldwide.


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Euro Style

From the time Trig Liljestrand was a young boy in Sweden, he knew that he wanted to create something innovative — the question was never “if” but “when”. 

In 1985, Trig took advantage of the opportunity to import Swedish design furniture into the United States and his dream was realized; Eurø Style was born.  Trig’s vision was to make beautifully designed furniture affordable and available to everyone.


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jesper OFFICE

Jesper Office specializes in making modular office furniture for the home and small business, along with a complementary line of modular library and home entertainment furniture. The company, originally based in Denmark, has been designing and manufacturing high quality furniture since 1935. Today, Jesper Office is based in Branchburg, New Jersey where it maintains a U.S warehouse and sales office along with several manufacturing facilities overseas.

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On the spectrum of seating, there’s a sweet spot.
It’s where form and function, budget and reliability live happily ever after.

Via is dedicated to the sweet spot—great chairs that are easy to get from people who are passionate about the customer experience.

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Activities at the table – be it homework or study, games or drawing, work or hobbies – should be done on a chair that encourages the body’s natural movement. The Variér range of work chairs includes kneeling chairs and saddle seat chairs, both offering the unique benefits of active sitting with open body angles, resulting in more natural positions for the body to be in.


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At GymyGym our sincere goal is to help better your life. We seek to transform your work environment into a space which will help you achieve our three core goals.

1. To improve your health, by allowing you to stay active and in shape throughout your work day.

2. To improve your work, by helping you experience the mental and physical benefits of physical motion and movement throughout your work day.

3. To improve your life, by helping you to transform your health and fitness by living a more active and lifestyle during the times you need it most.

If we can help you achieve these goals, then we have achieved ours